547. Infiltrating the Reaver Citadel – part three

547 (a). Infiltrating the Reaver Citadel - part three

Casting a baleful shadow down across the Reaver Citadel is the grim Pyramid, the seat of power of Valkynaz Seris, the leader of the Deathbringers kyn. It is here that the Dremora Lyranth, her every word dripping with malice, finally reveals her cause… Vengeance.

547 (d). Infiltrating the Reaver Citadel - part three

It seems the price for her opening the way for us to the Planar Vortex is that I am to be her vessel for vengeance against the Valkynaz. It is not that this scheming Dremora is not capable herself of banishing her enemy, it is that such is the Dremoran fixation with status that if she were to do so with her own hands then she would lose both standing and honour. Besides, how much sweater the taste of her vengeance when Seris’s blood is splashed across his own halls by a mere mortal. They say when vengeance sings, it sings loudest in a female’s voice.

547 (g). Infiltrating the Reaver Citadel - part three

One wonders however if eternal banishment might have been preferable for this vengeful Dremora if Molag Bal were ever to discover that it was blood willingly offered by Lyranth that opened the doors to his last garrison? I imagine the vengeance of a daedric lord to be a most dreadful din.


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