564. The improbable Altmer

564 (a). The improbable Altmer

Whilst travelling through Tamriel I have met so oft now with the improbable and implausible that when news reaches me that there are two Altmer maidens sheltering at the Crossroads Tavern claiming to be aspects of the fallen Celestial Mage, I feel neither surprise nor scepticism.

These ‘Aspects’ certainly have the semblance of the Altmer nailed, even down to their somewhat overbearing and pompous demeanour. What I find strange though is that all the statues and icons I have ever seen of the Celestial Mage have portrayed it as a bearded old man. If these Aspects had the choice of how to appear to mortals on Nirn why would they choose to appear as the one race guaranteed to irritate everyone else, even other Altmer. I can only surmise that this is their natural materialization upon our realm. I consider myself a courageous man, but I wont be the one volunteering to break this news to the stonemason’s guild.

564 (b). The improbable Altmer564 (c). The improbable Altmer

The Aspects show me a vision of how the serpentine one split their essence into many pieces in an attempt to make the Celestial far easier for it to control. Yet when these Aspects fell from the sky to Nirn they became scattered across all Craglorn. So now I am in a race with the guileful Serpent to find these fallen Aspects. My hunt begins with a search for the three lost gems of the Seeker’s Sight around the dangerous Spellscar, where it is said that none but the maddened, desperate, or foolhardy dare traverse.

564 (g). The improbable Altmer


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