565. The Mage’s Staff

565 (a). The Mage’s Staff

On the outskirts of the notorious Spellscar of Craglorn, I am approached by a fellow member of the Mages Guild. She turns out to be the sister of none other but the esteemed Gabrielle Benele, perhaps the only member of the Mages Guild I would trust implicitly.

The sister Sara informs me that just before the constellations disappeared from the night sky, a huge Obelisk crashed into Craglorn breaking into fragments. The Obelisk, which the locals now call ‘The Mage’s Staff’, soon began emitting enormous amounts of magical energy, turning local mages into spellfiends and attracting all manner of aggressive atronachs into the area.

Sara believes that if we don’t act then the staff will eventually explode with enough power to turn all Craglorn into a crater. She requests my aid, asking that I fight my way through the fiends and elemental creatures to harvest elements from the broken shards that she may use to find a way into the core of the Obelisk, and once inside, hopefully discover a way to contain the immense energy.

565 (g). The Mage's Staff

It seems to me that she is risking an awful lot on supposition and theory. My only hope is that Sara isn’t twisting the facts to suit her theories, instead of her theories to suit the facts. I find however that I must defer to Sara’s superior knowledge and follow her lead, for my membership of the Mages Guild owes far more to my competence in the collecting of obscure tomes, rather then ever having read any of them.

565 (j). The Mage's Staff


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