566. Bigger on the inside

566 (a). Bigger on the inside

I follow Sara Benele into the Mage’s Staff obelisk and we discover a realm within that is drenched in magicka. It feels like we are caught inside an iridescent gemstone, coruscating with colours no mortal has ever seen. The air about fizzles and sparks, feeling at times as if the next spell cast might ignite the whole realm. Whilst looking up to the sky is not unlike looking into the oily puddles of a dwemer ruin; this is an altogether ghastly beautiful place.

Huge chunks of rock hang freely in the air upon which commotions of elementals and spell-fiends gather. At the centre of it all we see the black foreboding core; no not black, just devoid of all light.

I once more follow Sara’s lead, for she seems more confident in our path now. I had my doubts about this whole endeavour in the beginning, probably because Sara herself seemed unsure. I only put my faith in her because she is the sister of Gabrielle. But as we have gotten closer to ending this catastrophic threat her confidence has grown, and it has felt much easier to trust in her lead.

566 (i). Bigger on the inside

Some people are shut up tightly inside themselves like flower bulbs, and it only takes one person to shine a little faith for them to open up and blossom quite wonderfully. In this time-bomb Sara Benele bloomed into the person Craglorn needed her to be. Now there are two members of the Mages Guild I would trust implicitly.

566 (j). Bigger on the inside


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