567. The anomalies of eastern Craglorn

567 (a). The anomalies of eastern Craglorn

The rocky wastes of eastern Craglorn are littered with the ancient ruins of cities long lost to annals and lore. Wayfarers however have recently begun to convey tales of the curious appearance of large crimson crystals at the centre of many of these dusty ruins. They are said to attract both spell-fiend and atronach in much the same way as does the shards of the Mage’s staff at the Spellscar.

567 (e). The anomalies of eastern Craglorn

The aspects of the Celestial Mage claim that these crystals are tools of the Serpent, serving to siphon the power of the fallen Celestial for serpentine purpose. But the Aspects also tell that if I can break the crystals I might be able use that stored power to charge the gems of the Seeker’s Sight to aid us in discovering the location of the aspects still in hiding. As soon as I begin to attack the crystals however the fiends and atronachs attack, and with it’s destruction, a huge air atronach appears whose sole intent is my quietus.

567 (f). The anomalies of eastern Craglorn

News that the Serpent is able to use these mysterious crystals to gain in strength is no doubt worrying, yet strangely it also brings us hope. For just as the sorcerer’s firebolt can be blocked with a wooden shield, and the risen dead of the necromancer can be smote with a metal blade, these crystals show that even the Celestials cannot engage with the realm of Nirn without physical manifestation or tool. Even the Great Enslaver had to rely upon the physical anchors wrought in black forges of Coldharbour, otherwise his threat of a Planemeld would have been worth nowt more then a Nord maiden’s promise.


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