589. The Glaring Eye

589 (a). The Glaring Eye

A Daedric Watcher stands before Hermaeus Mora’s shrine; the giant guardian acting as a final test of our worth.

589 (b). The Glaring Eye

To the Lord of Knowledge our worth is only ever what we can provided it in service, and to be fair that is the exact same worth it places upon it’s Daedra. Take the Glaring Eye for example. It’s only worth to Hermaeus Mora is as a guardian to it’s shrine, so when I drive my sword through it’s black pupil, it becomes worthless.

Yet we mortals too are guilty of behaving as if there are things of higher value than life, whether it be wealth, belongings, titles, or even honour. It is not until someone is lost that we finally appreciate their worth. The question is, what is the value of a life if nobody mourns its loss? Indeed, if there is none to mourn me when I shall fall, am I worth anything at all?

589 (f). The Glaring Eye


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