590. The shrine of Hermaeus Mora

590 (a). The shrine of Hermaeus Mora

I am the answer to all questions and the question behind every answer.’

Whether mere mortal or Daedric Prince, it is just plain hubris to believe that what we see is everything there is to see.

Perhaps Hermaeus Mora did foresee my coming today, and perhaps my name is already recorded in my realms of Apocrypha as it claims it to be. As to why I am here, well you do not have to be a Daedric Prince of Fate and Forbidden Knowledge to figure that it has to do with the Celestial invasion of Craglorn.

590 (b). The shrine of Hermaeus Mora

Hermaeus Mora does not give knowledge without a fee, luckily mine has been paid this day by returning its servant Ibrula back to the Prince. The voice from the shrine tells me that if the Celestial Warrior has risen the mighty Anka-Ra from the sands, then their great general Tarish-Zi has risen also; for they are bound to him through an oath of eternal loyalty. The only way to defeat them, is to defeat him.

I had wondered what deal Hermaeus Mora offered to the Yokudans all those years ago to build such a grand temple atop the site of its shine. The same deal Hermaeus Mora offers all its servants… knowledge without wisdom, ethic, or morality.


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