605. What lies beneath

605 (a). What lies beneath605 (b). What lies beneath

Lying North-east of the Bangkorai gate can be found the ruins of an old Yokudan settlement. From a distance it is looks little more then plain rock and rubble, but from up close some of what still stands is in fact finely carved stonework and evidence of a cultured society. In times afore this settlement would have been a home, a fortress, and a crown upon this barren landscape. The people who lived here were a community, surviving the harsh Craglorn wastes only because of one another. From millers to masons, fletchers to guards, butchers to smiths, apothecaries to rat-catchers, together they were the heartbeats of these chiselled stones.

Yet sadly, and inevitably, the people would eventually be driven out from their crown and their buildings began to fall. Now these ruins are home only to a barbarous tribe of Dusteater goblins and their rabid durzogs who for some reason have chosen to make their beds here rather than their traditional home in the Dragontail Mountains.

Many communities in Tamriel have been built upon the remains of ancient settlements, whether they be Ayleid, Nedic, or even Dwemer, but what lies beneath these ruins is astonishing even for Tamriel. A small crevice in the northern section of the ruins accessed only by ladder, or risking a leap into the stagnant waters below, leads down to an ancient Nedic city that has remarkably withstood the pillages of time.

605 (h). What lies beneath


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