606. Cursed waters

This lost Nedic city not only outlasted its builders, but also its conquerors.

606 (a). Cursed waters

The treasure hunters, scholars, antiquarians and Hermaus Mora’s worshipers who excavated this subterranean city have been here in number long before I arrive, but now their progress has hit upon trouble. The large pools and waterways that are a feature of this city are not only occupied by Nerieds singing they eerie vespers, but are also apparently cursed. The first researchers who drank from them quickly became irrational and deluded. They began to believe that their colleagues were in fact invaders from whom they needed to defend the ancient city.

The waters flow through the ruins from the two wings to the east and west, and together they make the main chamber to the north unreachable. The scholars have requested that I enter the two wings to see if it is possible to cleanse the waters from there.

Whilst it may never have been breathtakingly beautiful, the architecture of this ancient Nedic city has a certain ominous character, almost an impiety in every brick. It’s original name is still unknown, as is whether the Nerieds were already here when the city was founded, or if they came after. But what is known is that when the city was under threat of invasion, in desperation its people unwisly turned to the Neried queen Shada for help.

606 (j). Cursed waters

Whenever you bargain from a place of weakness the price is inevitably raised, and for the people of this city is seems the cost of their mortal liberty was to be eternal enslavement to their saviour. Thus the researchers have taken to calling this city ‘Shada’s Tear’.


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