607. The curse of thirst

607 (a). The curse of thirst

The claustrophobic cavern streets of the city district are patrolled by bands of skeletal Nedes and their Neried stewards, who attempt to prevent my trespass into their sunless city with as much force as their osseous frames can muster. It is impressive that any research group might have made it far into these oppressive tunnels, but I was soon to find a survivor of one group who did.

607 (d). The curse of thirst607 (e). The curse of thirst

An injured Bosmer tells me of how some of her companions mistakenly drank of the corrupted waters and swiftly succumbed to the curse, turning them, like the undead that roam these streets, into thralls of the Water Spites. Just why one would want to drink of these stagnant green waters in the first place is beyond me. They attacked the Wild Elf and captured another of her companions, taking her deeper into the city.

607 (i). The curse of thirst

To rescue her companion I will need to overcome the ancient Nedic pillar puzzles and her bedevilled former colleagues who I fear now are beyond redemption. Only then might I find the daughter of Shada responsible for corrupting the waters of the Shada’s Tear city district.

607 (j). The curse of thirst


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