608. Ghost tales

608 (a). Ghost tales

Some people believe that ghosts are nothing more then unfinished stories, and that aptly describes the ghosts I find here in the Burial Grounds of Shada’s Tear. The Nedic phantoms re-enact their tale of how when under imminent threat of invasion by the Yokudans, they turned to the Neried Queen Shada for help, and all she asked in return was for them to drink of the waters.

Of course the voices of ghost are no less treacherous then that of the living, and all history is but reflections of partisan or perception, be it theirs or mine. What sympathy I had for their fate was soon however to evaporate when the ghosts began to materialize back into their physical forms to attack me.

A deadly poisonous cloud, a huge Flesh Atronach, and the tortured soul of General Zal’ik himself must all be overcome before I can eventually confront Emi’liah, the daughter of Shada who corrupts the waters of the burial grounds.

608 (j). Ghost tales


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