609. Weep for Shada

609 (a). Weep for Shada

The tainted waters of Shada’s Tear are made clean once more… well about as clean as stagnant waters in an ancient underground city full of the rotting corpses of the undead and Nerieds can be.  So it is now possible to cross to the the temple wing of the city, where Shada herself supposedly dwells. The researchers now speculate that the Nedes of the city may well have worshipped Shada even before the Yokudan invasion was drowned in her ‘blessed waters’.

609 (b). Weep for Shada

After overcoming undead Nedes, empowered Nerieds, and giant spiders I finally earned the right to challenge the fearsome Neried queen for this lost city. Even then she summons shield maidens and mages in number to her side, her Nedic thralls willingly sacrificing themselves for their queen, first in life, and again in death.

609 (f). Weep for Shada609 (g). Weep for Shada

Whilst undoubtedly a powerful being, it is unlikely that this Queen of the Neried is, as as the researchers seem to believe, the same Shada with whom the Nedes made their most imprudent bargain. Most likely ‘Shada’ is now an honorary title passed down through generations to their strongest daughter, or perhaps it is even an hereditary one. Either way, I believe it will not be long before another Queen rises from the waters, and this ancient Nedic city will once again, Weep for Shada.

609 (j). Weep for Shada


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