611. The Fearfangs Caverns

611 (a). The Fearfangs Caverns

Deep in the craggy hills to the west of Dragonstar lies cavernous ruins where members of the Scaled Court can be found busy studying lost Nedic texts and artefacts. It is believed that the Nedes had a far superior understanding as to the properties of the local element nirncrux then we do today. But more importantly for the Celestial Serpent’s cultists, the deepest parts of Fearfangs Caverns are made up of very large chambers in which can be found the nesting grounds of a giant scorpion matron they call Lakorrah.

It is common wisdom in the arid wastes that a scorpion will not trouble you unless you step on one, because scorpions being opportunistic predictors, rarely attack a victim unless they mistakenly wander into their ambush range. However, no scholar who has set out to measure the ‘ambush range’ of these giant predictors of Craglorn has yet survived to report their findings.

The sting of the scorpion is as venomous as the fangs of the serpent, and so it is that the brood of this giant predator is used by the Scaled Court to alchemically augment the might of the mantikoras. That is why, if this giant matron can be overcome, we must purge her nesting grounds with fire.

611 (i). The Fearfangs Caverns


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