612. The Sunken Lair of the Wamasu

With the nesting grounds of the Giant Scorpion matron destroyed, I am directed south to the Sunken Lair where lies the Wamasu; the other giant predator used by the Scaled Court in their alchemical breeding of the Mantikora.

It is quite astonishing that these giant reptiles, natives of the great marshlands of the south, have come to be in the arid wastes of Craglorn. The simplest explanation however may be found to the west in the delve of Haddock’s Market, where the smugglers of the Greycloack Mercenaries hold a large adult Wamasu captive. I recall whilst there seeing the unique shimmering eggs of the wamasu, their glistening husks illuminating the gloom as if the brood were charging up inside their shells.

It is perhaps unlikely that these Wamasu will ever become more then an oddity of this discordant age in Craglorn however. For even if they survive the arid environment, the passion for hunting, whether it be in the name of culling, sport, or food, is deeply implanted in the nature of both man and mer. Is it not an adage of Hircine’s followers that says, ‘those that join the hunt for the largest prey, care for nothing more from that day.’

612 (h). The Sunken Lair of the Wamasu


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