613. The Vulture’s Roost

613 (a). The Vulture’s Roost

The eagle is a noble bird that hunts for its food, whilst the vulture cravenly scavenges the already dead for its meat. So what could turn a soldier from eagle to vulture?

613 (b). The Vulture’s Roost

To the east of Dragonstar in Upper Craglorn there is an encampment on the crossroads run by a most motley group of Banner War deserters who have turned to scavenging weapons and armour from the battlefield of the heartlands. Their leader is a Nord who seems to have very little regard for her present comrades. One should not be surprised however, for Isrudde Crows-Watch obviously had little care or regard for her Pact comrades either before she deserted them, returning only to pillage their corpses.

613 (c). The Vulture’s Roost

Also part of the Crossroads Encampment can be found an Imperial selling scavenged armour from a stall she calls The Crow’s Pickings. She propounds that all the armour and weapons they stock have stories, yet she cares not enough to know them; Imagination being the torturer of conscience.

613 (d). The Vulture’s Roost

There is also an Argonian who discovered too late that he was just not cut out for army life, and a High Elf who was dissatisfied with the serviceman’s stipend. An overly aggressive Redguard who has dreams of retiring to Sentinal, if only he manages to survive Isrudde’s command. Whilst a Breton speaks a dubious tale of having to flee the Covenant ranks after facing execution for killing an officer, is joined by a Dark Elf and a Khajiit who both decline to share their tales at all.

613 (e). The Vulture’s Roost

One member of the group who stands apart from the rest is the polite Wood Elf Adandora. An aspiring writer with worthy ambition, if only she could find a publisher for her work. She earns her keep by writing and singing about the Crossroads Profiteers exploits. It is somewhat strange to find Adandora’s hopes tied to the fortunes of this group of renegades.

613 (f). The Vulture’s Roost

But oft it is that the road built in hope, and the road built in despair, meet at the same crossroads. It is curious that you may not find a more diverse group working together, for different reasons, for shared purpose, in all of Tamriel? So mayst desertion sometimes be a fine thing, a brave thing indeed? Perhaps… but not here, not at this crossroads encampment.

613 (g). The Vulture’s Roost

For this is a vulture’s roost, and the crimson fields of Cyrodiil is their banquet table. The manner of their victims death does not concern them, nor whether the corpse be man or mer; fought under red, blue or yellow banner. The hard work of others is their fodder; another’s most noble sacrifice, their most ignoble nourishment.


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