629. The rise and fall of the Exalted Viper

We enter the Loth’Na Caverns in Upper Craglorn in search of the fabled Temple of Skyreach. Emerging into an open glade, we try to ignore the snakes, lamias, and Scaled Court cultists mining nirncrux; stopping only to deal with the Argonian Visskar, for one should never leave an assassin at you back.

A magically hidden bridge leads directly into the temple itself, where in the centre of the chamber, before a giant pool of crimson nirncrux stands the ever loyal Little Leaf. Prepared to defend the one she loves beyond morality; proving that whilst true love is not blind, it is selfish. Eventually the Regent Cassipia surfaces, declaring herself to be the Exalted Viper. She believes she has elevated herself to become a peer of the Celestials and imbued with enough power to change the world.

629 (g). The rise and fall of the Exalted Viper

Great people have great egos, perhaps that is what makes them great, and who knows, maybe Regent Cassipia is potentially a great person. She has certainly proven her intellect, perception and cunning. Perhaps she is even, how did her little bosmer pet put it, “as bright and piercing as a million stars”. But ultimately she is still mortal and shares that one weakness all us mortals share, our egos. So concerned was she that she should be powerful enough to destroy all others, she neglected to be resourceful enough to protect herself.

629 (j). The rise and fall of the Exalted Viper


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