630. What are we without our memories but empty shells and wasted years.

630 (a). Sand in an hourglass

When we are at our most desperate and in need, it is our memories that remind our hearts to beat. Titus Valerius, the warrior not of this time is fading away. The confusion of his new reality means his memories have become like arrows from a Jaqspur’s bow. Those from his former life flash by too fast for him to grasp, whilst those of this new time tear him open, leaving him in pieces. At the grave of his wife, Titus contemplates a warrior’s death as his only release from his torment. 

630 (b). Sand in an hourglass

In a rare moment of compassion towards mortals, the Celestial Warrior has decided to send him back to his own time before he looses all he was; perhaps these Celestial Guardians were once mortals after all. So with his duty here done, Titus Valerius returns home.

As for me, I am tired of these jagged wastes. With its armies broken, the Celestial Serpent has retreated to its mountain stronghold and as neither the Thief nor the Star-Gazers have asked any more from me, it appears it shall fall to others to make that final assault upon its Apex Stone. Thus my part in this story is also done, and I am once more adrift. So perhaps it is time now for me to return to my Heartland home, where my memories lie, to remind my heart to beat.


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