638. Spies and skeletons never sleep

638 (a). Spies and skeletons never sleep

The Memorial District of the Imperial City is one of the largest cemeteries in all Tamriel, yet is was not so long ago that this was in fact the site of perhaps Tamriel’s largest market. It seems unimaginable now but from these very streets you could procure almost anything you ever needed or wanted. The old Market District was always crowded as pedlars would travel from across the empire to sell their wares. Every day was market day where could buy anything from spices to potions, cloths to jewellery, weapons to books and all sorts of exotic foods; and at night the services of all manner of exotic women and men. Of course despite the Legions presence such successful commerce attracted the attentions of the criminal classes, so it is no surprise that the entrance to the Imperial Prisons was also to be found here.

But then five years ago the market became the site of the fierce final battle in Varen’s Rebellion against the Longhouse Emperors that left this district in utter ruins. In the aftermath it was decided that rather then extradite the thousands of gallant fallen on both sides, they would bury them where they fell. Such was the size of the mass graves that no room remained to rebuild the market so the entire district became a graveyard, eventually to be renamed the Memorial District. The memories of those thousands, their lives, their feelings, their expectations, their disappointments, their loves, their passions and their pains, all that they were has now departed from here; and all that is left is their bodies imprisoned in the cemetery grounds. But now Worm Cultists have taken control of the district and have risen skeletal labourers that dig ceaselessly to unearth more bones to be outfitted in soldiers armour.

638 (d). Spies and skeletons never sleep

A Legionnaire by the name of Legate Gallus has a unique proposal to discover the cultists plans for this bone army by spying upon them using something he calls “auricular geodes”. Apparently these dormant stones are somehow attuned to Coldharbour and can be empowered once again by the killing of Xivkyn. Once active all we need to do is plant them upon the skeletal labourers digging in the cemetery.

The Drake however has noticed that some skeletons have been guided away from the mass grave sites to work in other hidden areas of the district. She suggests I search for a Daedric Brand to use upon a skeleton in the Chapel of Arkay so we might discover what Molag Bal and his worms have their minions digging for.

638 (g). Spies and skeletons never sleep

The branded skeleton mentions a ‘Dragonfire Cathedral’, and “snuffing out the light”. The Drake remembers a story told of Saint Alessia receiving a vision from Akatosh at an Ayleid shrine beneath the city. Her followers were said to have later torn down the shrine and built a cathedral in its place to house a powerful relic. But the Drake believes this little more then a folktale as no scholar has found any evidence beyond anecdote. She did however manage to retrieve a map from a cultist showing that the skeletal labourers are being directed to dig up a nearby crematorium.

Whether we believe this cathedral to be real or not, going to the crematorium and demolishing their dig site will at least buy us some time to investigate further what this light is that Molag Bal is so anxious to snuff out.

638 (j). Spies and skeletons never sleep


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