639. This most ignoble arena

639 (a). This most ignoble arena

The slogan on the flyers used to read ‘the Imperial City arena was only for the bravest of the brave’, yet as I recall nobody set foot in the arena if they had an alternative. And those that did fight, fought for one thing only, their freedom, whether that be from captivity or poverty. That was one of the reasons why legionnaires that served in the Imperial City would never go to watch the arena fights, the other was because to us it was a punishment. If a city serving legionnaire was accused of cowardice or some other dishonourable crime, then the disgraced would be sent to the arena to fight with the gladiators and the criminals. Yet these filthy daedra have managed to drag the arena to new ignominious depths. Seemingly having run out of soldiers and gladiators they have now resorted to sending in ordinary citizens to battle against their champions. These innocents are not sacrificing themselves for some honourable cause or greater good, they are being sacrificed, and there is nothing noble in that.

The condemned citizens are held prisoner in cages throughout the district, yet a legionnaire named Valga Atrius claims she can smuggle them out of the city, she just needs someone brave or foolhardy enough to free them from their daedric shackles. Of course I offer to help, and am gladdened to find many other adventurers roaming the district have also rallied to her cause; for strength is no blessing at all unless it is used to protect the innocent. But it is not enough…

639 (e). This most ignoble arena639 (f). This most ignoble arena639 (g). This most ignoble arena

Whilst the innocent are dragged timorously into the arena to face an inequitable battle to the death, I walk in brazenly with my head held high. I shall not bow to any champions of this most ignoble arena, instead I shall greet them with sword, scorn, and fury. For the savage truth is that if we are to overcome this iniquitous incursion from Oblivion then it is not enough that we be willing to die for our freedom, we also must be willing to kill for it.


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