525. The hubris of Vanus Galerion

525 (a). The hubris of Vanus Galerion

525 (b). The hubris of Vanus Galerion

Finally my search for the great mage Vanus Galerion ends when I encounter his projection near a bridge which leads me to The Black Forge. It seems that Galerion had decided to attempt to destroy the Great Shackle and thus bring our mission in Coldharbour to an end all by himself. All great men and women suffer moments of unreasonable confidence, its what ends most of them. The mage was duly captured and his essence split into three and is now being used to speed up the production of Molag Bal’s dark anchors and the Great Shackle itself.

525 (c). The hubris of Vanus Galerion

I discover a side entrance into a vast Slag Pit where soul-shriven slaves mine the materials needed to fuel the machines of the Planemeld. His essence of health is being slowly drained to feed the vampires who oversee the mining operation. How piquant must be the hubris of the great Vanus Galerion to these Scions of Coldharbour.

525 (j). The hubris of Vanus Galerion


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