525. The hubris of Vanus Galerion

525 (a). The hubris of Vanus Galerion

525 (b). The hubris of Vanus Galerion

Finally my search for the great mage Vanus Galerion ends when I encounter his projection near a bridge which leads me to The Black Forge. It seems that Galerion had decided to attempt to destroy the Great Shackle and thus bring our mission in Coldharbour to an end all by himself. All great men and women suffer moments of unreasonable confidence, its what ends most of them. The mage was duly captured and his essence split into three and is now being used to speed up the production of Molag Bal’s dark anchors and the Great Shackle itself.

525 (c). The hubris of Vanus Galerion

I discover a side entrance into a vast Slag Pit where soul-shriven slaves mine the materials needed to fuel the machines of the Planemeld. His essence of health is being slowly drained to feed the vampires who oversee the mining operation. How piquant must be the hubris of the great Vanus Galerion to these Scions of Coldharbour.

525 (j). The hubris of Vanus Galerion


524. A risk for a risk

524 (a). A risk for a risk524 (b). A risk for a risk

Of the three former towns of Tamriel that now makes up the Village of the Lost, there are but three surviving residents who unfortunately have already been shriven of their souls. For reasons unknown to me, the daedra have chosen to keep them here rather then sending them on to work with the other soul-shriven slaves in one of their many prisons of Coldharbour.

With so many daedra here it is too much the risk to attempt to save the three, and what they ask of me is surely too great a sacrifice. And yet I must, because here but by the grace of the divines go I. For what would I be now but a feral husk had not someone taken the risk to break open my cell door during the Wailing Prison uprising.

524 (i). A risk for a risk

Besides, there must be a reason the daedra have kept the three here, and even though I know not why, to scupper that why makes them worth that risk. And I am no blind old prophet, I cannot foresee what contribution these three may or may not make if they have but the opportunity that I was given. But if I do not take this risk, then I would be dishonouring that risk that was taken for me.

524 (j). A risk for a risk


523. The champions of the Village of the Lost

Daedra, like mortals, aren’t all created as equals. Some are stronger, quicker, more intelligent. Some more brutal, sadistic or more full of hate for all things mortal. Some are just simply bigger. These are Molag Bal’s champions, the best of his minions, or rather the worst. They seem to enjoy butchering and slaughtering without fear or worry of repercussion, so certain are they in the knowledge that there is none roaming this dread realm more deadly than they… until today.

523 (a). The champions of the Village of the LostAez the Collector, a Xivilai

523 (b). The champions of the Village of the LostGruthaz, a Harvester

523 (c). The champions of the Village of the LostMacius Cento, a Lich

523 (d). The champions of the Village of the LostIluzan, a Flesh Atronach

523 (e). The champions of the Village of the LostMirok the Deplorable, a Xivilai

523 (f). The champions of the Village of the LostUluzzur, a Bone Colossus

523 (g). The champions of the Village of the LostVrendi, a Harvester

523 (h). The champions of the Village of the LostZatalguch, a Daedric Titan


522. Finding hope in a nightmare?

522 (a). Finding hope in a nightmare

I was puzzled as to where his battalions were. Travelling through the bitter southern reaches of Coldharbour I have encountered only small groups of Dremora, packs of roaming wild daedra here and there, and even the odd elemental creature; but not the armies of demons that we had been expecting to face.

I had begun to fear what might be lying in wait for us to the north, or if whilst we were scattered across these azure wastes, Molag Bal may have already directed his forces in renewed assault upon Tamriel. Perhaps it might be that the Lord of Brutality holds our incursion in such contempt that he simply expects the wilds of Coldharbour to devour us before we have the chance to muster.

But finally in this border-realm of the Village of the Lost, I find the daedra amassed in number. A legion of the fiends consigned to rout these stolen townships. I wonder just how many of these border-realms there actually are, and how much of Molag Bal’s hellion forces has he committed to subjugating them.

The Village of the Lost is indeed a nightmare vision of what awaits Tamriel should the Planemeld succeed, and yet strangely it is also a place from which Tamriel can educe hope. Because if the daedra are here in number, then they cannot be elsewhere, for whilst these daedra are indeed eternal, they are not infinite. It is ironic perhaps that our best opportunity of defeating this enemy may well be provided by the enemy himself.


521. Betrayal of the lost

521 (a). Betrayal of the lost521 (b). Betrayal of the lost

During my search for the Black Forge I discover a secluded portal which led to what appears to be a sub-realm of Coldharbour. Floating all about in the opaque skies above and the Azure Plasm below, are pieces of what were once Tamriel. I chance upon Mezha-dro, a Khajiit follower of Meridia, and learn the stolen archipelago is actually made up of what were once three villages; a Dunmer town named Silver Run, a Khajitti hamlet called Khaj’yahai, and the Orc stronghold of Dushnikh’s Shadow.

521 (e). Betrayal of the lost521 (f). Betrayal of the lost

Together we attempt to seal several tears in the fabric of Oblivion to prevent any further townships from being dragged into this rapacious realm. As we journey from breach to breach we discover that betrayal and treason lie behind the demise of each of the villages.

It is an all too familiar ballad, an orchestration of treachery playing upon the ambitions of men, mer and beast-folk alike, who will willingly sell out their own kind for what turns out to be worth little more then a Baandari bargain. It is the weakness of mortals that is Molag Bal’s greatest strength.

521 (i). Betrayal of the lost